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The Visual Wiki (Google Tech Talks)

Posted on Jul 22, 2008 in KM, Tools

..a new metaphor for knowledge access and management.


Successful knowledge management results in a competitive advantage in today’s information- and knowledge-rich industries. The elaboration and integration of emerging web-based tools and services has proven suitable for collecting and organizing intellectual property. Due to an increasing information overload, information and knowledge visualization have become an effective method for representing complex bodies of knowledge in an alternative fashion by using visual languages. The focus of this research is the development of a “Visual Wiki”, which combines the notion of a textual and a visual representation of knowledge. A Visual Wiki model has been proposed which provides a unified framework to design and discuss different approaches. Three prototypes of Visual Wikis have been implemented and evaluated according to the improvements to knowledge management applications that they facilitate. This is joint work with Christian Hirsch and John Grundy

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Communicate code changes – But how?

Posted on May 17, 2008 in KM, Programming, Tools

What is the best way to communicate source code changes? Write a mail, send an instant message or hope the next cvs sync will inform all your co-worker? Vincent Massol suggests two solutions: “Diff emails on SCM commit” and “RSS feeds”. This solutions are good ideas for small projects, but with a lots of changes (important and unimportant) this doesn’t work.

I think the best way to communicate important source code changes is a project team Wiki with the ability to create source code links. This links should have two possible targets. When you click on a source code link in a standard browser, you will directed to the source code in a WebCVS view and a click in the Eclipse embedded web browser will open the source code.

If you use SnipSnap as project wiki tool, you can install my IDE Wiki Plugin for Eclipse to use source code links:

ide wiki


Screenshot wiki editor

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